Re: Accelerate the Singularity by defeating procrastination

From: Rolf Nelson (
Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 17:33:35 MDT

> Hence reducing the
> degree of procrastination will help accelerate the singularity.

I hear you, but IMHO, this is still a bit off-topic. Buying the right
car will save money and free up resources and therefore would also
increase the chances that the list-members can bring about a positive
singularity scenario (which, as avturchin pointed out, is a better
goal than accelerating a singularity without regard to whether it
might end disastrously.) But that doesn't mean we should discuss cars
on this list.

> Spending one week solving the procrastination problem could well be
> worth it if you consider the weeks gained by this on the long run.

If there were a "magic bullet" for procrastination, or for
productivity in general, it would probably have been discovered
already. Most of the common-sense solutions, like "finish your
broccoli before you eat dessert," are things we're all aware of (if
not, there are a countless life-hacking blogs and self-help books that
dispense such non-rigorous advice. Unfortunately I have looked for,
but not found, peer-reviewed replicable advice on such topics.)

Where does that leave you? You just have to decide today, of your own
free will, to be a better and more mindful person than you were
yesterday. And then decide the same thing tomorrow. And then, when you
slip up at 6 PM on the third day, than at 7 PM the same day you have
to get back on the horse and try harder. Difficult, but some people
succeed. And, if you do succeed, than IMHO you are a hero, much
worthier of applause and recognition than the typical movie star or
sports legend.


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