Re: Strong AI Takeoff Scenarios

From: R. W. (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2007 - 08:25:01 MDT

I think #2 is the top priority for the Malthusians leading the world. They want to cull the herd.

Daniel Burfoot <> wrote:

  On 9/17/07, Rolf Nelson <> wrote:
2. Giant disaster or war, say on a scale that kills off more than 20%
of humanity in a single year.

I don't think it would require such a huge disaster. It may be that the conditions under which technological advance and economic development like we've seen for the last 300 years or so are relatively fragile. Imagine a major economic meltdown, which reduces most of humanity to substinence farming.

Say terrorists get their hands on a nuke and blow up New York. Global chaos results, setting off a chain reaction of governments and financial institutions defaulting on debt. The economic system grinds to a halt, millions starve, etc etc.

Also, note that history has shown how civilization can advance but also recede. After the Roman Empire fell, there was no comparably advanced civilization (in Europe) for more than 1000 years.


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