Re: evidence?

From: Jeff L Jones (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 21:15:47 MDT

On 8/24/07, Adam Safron <> wrote:
> If we are now seeing the light from 6-10 billion years ago, then how
> can we be sure the void isn't (still) expanding?

That's a good point. I think you're right, that we can't really tell
whether the void is still expanding (as long as it's expanding slower
than lightspeed). So I take my rhetorical question about "why would
it have stopped?" For some reason, I didn't think of that when I
wrote that.

But the other two issues still seem puzzling. How any sort of
intelligence would have developed that early on (3-7 billion years
after the big bang, when it took 4.5 billion years on earth... and the
universe looked very different and less life-friendly back then). And
if they're living there but hiding... how they could unbend the light
passing through in such a way that it looks like there is no
gravitational disturbance there. Another question is how/why they are
cooling the cosmic background radiation as it passes through, but that
actually seems to have a rather simple answer in the context of
superhuman intelligence... they could be harvesting energy from the
cosmic background radiation too (perhaps large antennas set up to
collect it?) If there's a way to do that technologically, it might
provide them with even more energy than they could get out of the
stars! (Just speculating here). But the only way to explain why the
amount of cooling happens to be exactly what you'd expect if there
were nothing there is that they are deliberately trying to trick
outside observers into thinking there's nothing there. So the
question still is... why do they go through all that trouble to hide?


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