Re: evidence?

From: Jeff L Jones (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 10:46:09 MDT

It's not the area itself they say is chilli, it's that the cosmic
background radiation that passes through the area gets cooled off.
This happens because the space in such a region is expanding faster
than the regions that contain matter (some of the denser regions of
matter are even contracting, which would heat up the radiation). It's
a redshift effect, due to the exansion of spacetime, not due to the
temperature of the local region.


On 8/24/07, Gwern Branwen <> wrote:
> Dyson spheres and similar projects are supposed to be making maximum use of their available energy, right? But by way of the laws of thermodynamics, you can only get so much out of it and then it's waste heat. But the article says the area is downright chilly, not suffused with an even blanket of waste heat. So...

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