From: Brent Thomas (bthomashsd1@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 08:47:17 MDT

There is an interesting story current on slashdot at


about a billion light year sized 'hole' in the observed CMB.

The impression given from the article is that this observed lack of
emmissions is happing because

'matter is not present' (interpretation < SL4),

but it occurred to me that starting with a fairly straightforward dyson
sphere type of activity, and continuing into matrioshka brains and extending
that energy scavenging technology to its logical conclusion (*hehe*) that
*complete* advanced scavenging might appear (at least from intersteller
distances) as a 'hole' in the CMB (interpretation >= SL4).

This could be an example of an advanced 'computronium' type activity
occuring and possibly spreading through out a region of space.

Does anyone see any deeper implications from the actual article or related
stories which would contridict this SL4'ish interpretation?

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