Re: Simulation argument in the NY Times

From: James Dunlop (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 11:41:27 MDT

Rick Smith wrote:
> If we assume simulation, all the while that we know nothing about the simulation's external context we can't make any assumptions about its ultimate purpose or any interfaces with the environment.
> None.
> Any extrapolation is meaningless.
> -Rick-

I think David Chalmers makes a valid point when he comments along the
lines of the concept making no subjective difference to an individual,
life remains life. However, I wonder whether this concept has been, or
could be, applied to cosmological theories in any way whatsoever, even
if only providing a theoretical model in which a practical theory is
eventually postulated from. Could a concept such as this shed light on
the our idea's of the origins of space and time? of events preceding the
Big Bang Theory, or would it be, the Big Boot-up Theory?

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