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Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 11:07:35 MDT

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Recently we have apoximalty similar dicussion in Russian transhuman
asociation, there we discused should we push our ideas to the governent - оr it is
dangerous, and this is my opinion, because the goverment could eventually
understand them.

The nuclear race started fom the letter of Albert Einstein to the president
of US, but the AI race would be complet nightmare.

By other hand - a small group of AI constractors will be something as
international terrorists, if goverment will understand what we are really going
to do... because no goverments are planned for Singularity world.

We should expect that all world goverments as well as large corporation will
be so stupid, and only we will be clever gues. Sooner or later they will

Such an event was suggested in Stephen Kings novel, "Cell" in which human
consciousness/personality is wiped by "allegedly" a group of researchers who
moved quickly, utilizing and distributing a virus globally, via cell phone.
Civilization is destroyed. I suspect that si/ai cannot deliver either heaven nor
hell, during the next several decades; any more then electronics or
autmobiles did during the 20th century.

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