Re: Existential Risk and Fermi's Paradox

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Sat Jul 14 2007 - 11:30:39 MDT

I have suggested this before but earlier nobody did bite.

My suggestion is to create a big simulation of a galaxy, with star
dispersal, stellar
creation, average planet composition, average goldylocks zones, stellar
the odds of any planet getting hit by something evil ranging from GRB's to
gas clouds, cometary hits, etc. Then percolate the Drake Equasion into it
establish (reverse engineer) reasonable upper limits for life. We can use a
model like this as a kosmological testing device to see how fast a galactic
civilization disperses, if it would be restricted to 1950s putput technology

Sure, there are unknowns, by the zillions, but we can check the models
solely on
knowns. Use all variables we know off, reduce the dispersion of
civilization to algorithms and see what happens, how fast it happens.

But most importantly; how many existential threats do we need to introduce
see how damn unlikely/likely it is that civilization is in fact
notkudzu-ing up the

I am sure that such a sim experiment would yield up many serendipitous
Even better, someone might make a great MMO of the mathematical structure.

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