Re: Anders Sandberg in Second Life on converging cognitive enhancement, uvvy island in SL, May 23 2007 10am PST

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Sun May 13 2007 - 01:05:08 MDT

SL is still primitive and clumsy. However it allows for enormous
freedom of expression. I can draw parallels to any number of early
in the 20th century that, in the first 10 years after inception, were
reviled and distrusted - yet continued to expand and change the world.

I am not 100% certain SL will survive the coming Virtual Wars onslaught.
is making one and is big enough to steamroller SL into the margins. But I am
certain SL showed the rest of the world it can be done, should be done. It
generated a market and -barring some kind of technological collapse- I
experiencing something as real as The Matrix in my lifetime.

And there will be porn there too. Ladies in Red Dresses.

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