Re: Anders Sandberg in Second Life on converging cognitive enhancement, uvvy island in SL, May 23 2007 10am PST

From: M T (
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 07:06:52 MDT

Isn't the vast majority of earth empty of human life?
It is just that it seems natural that endless jungles, plains and oceans are devoid of humans.
With almost 7 billion people you would expect more human presence in these places maybe?
As others have said, it's so easy to complain about the faults in any current situation.
Taking advantage of the current state of technology is all we have in the end.
It's all we will ever have.


>Lots of people have had lots to say about the recent hype surrounding
>Second Life, but very few have addressed the basic experience of the
>world that you're incredibly alone there. You can spend eighty
>percent of your time walking through immense, labyrinthine castles
>that no one lives in. Visit a seemingly endless string of shops with
>no customers.

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