Re: Anders Sandberg in Second Life on converging cognitive enhancement, uvvy island in SL, May 23 2007 10am PST

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 03:40:39 MDT

On 5/10/07, Patrick Crenshaw <> wrote:
> Second Life Sucks.

I personally loathe this entire "internet". It's a fad. It will never catch
on. It sucks.
It is riddled with bugs, badly programmed and hangs all the time. There is
but porn on it, and nothing but geeks, nerds and perverts. I for one
certainly won't
waste my time with such nonsense. I even think the government should outlaw
Nothing good will come of it. I wish people would stop mentioning it and
bother me.
I am deeply offended by any one going on and on about it.

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