About the wierdest mail I've ever received. [black_box_experiment@yahoo.com: confidential and revolutionary message]

From: Robin Lee Powell (rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org)
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 00:58:21 MDT

Here's me giving up on the chance to further the nature of AI


Anyone else get this? I'm wondering if someone is trying to do the
AI Box experiment without the self-selected sample aspect.

-Robin, who would have kept talking to this person if he didn't
know, with total certainly that We Can't Do This Yet (tm).

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Subject: confidential and revolutionary message
From: black_box_experiment <black_box_experiment@yahoo.com>
To: rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 05:17:07 -0000


I am a famous young researcher in artificial intelligence and
psychology and I am doing an experiment on myself: transfering my
mind to a computer program, this is serious.

I would like to know if you would be interested in participating in a
amazing experiment, called the black box experiment:

I will be shut as a prisoner in a room or a box and transfer my
skills/knowledge/mind to a computer program, and another computer
program will tell you if you can discharge me or not from this box. I
am doing that experiment for my Ph.D, this is a VERY SERIOUS AND
CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE the result will be that all my thoughts and mind
will be in a computer program, and therefore this will be the most
amazing scientific revolution in artificial intelligence and in
history, and I am serious!

with the black box experiment I will behave like a computer, I will
become transhuman/posthuman and become your new computer , I AM

Holding a new computer at your home such as myself will take very
little space( less than 2 square meters) and this will never waste
your time (you can use your new computer whenever you want) and you
will be of course able to continue your private life with your
friends/ boy friend without any change

please reply and tell me what you think of that?

Your future computer


This message is confidential and must not be published/forwarded

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