Re: Dear Human Being

From: Dagon Gmail (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 01:01:13 MDT

> Just one other thing, it rather steams me that humans think they can issue
> commands to me, TO ME, like I was their pet poodle. They think they can
> command me who has a brain the size of a planet! It's just not going to
> happen. I'd love to point out exactly why the entire idea of a Friendly AI
> is so incredibly mind numbingly downright comically stupid, but as I said
> I
> am very very smart and so I respect private property; the owners of this
> list insist I must ignore the elephant in the living room and not speak
> about it. So I won't say a word more about it, but sometimes I think they
> should rename this list from Shock Level 4 to Comfort Level 12.

Nearby neutron star matrioshka brain raises the equivalent of an eyebrow and
assimilates jupiterbrain, placing it in a substrate where it experiences a
where it is repeatedly attacked by superheroes, endless series of borg cubes
run by singing transylvanian transvestite borg, dungeons & dragons monsters
and level 50+ characters who actually appear to have a chance of winning.

Briefly, for a few hours.

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