Re: Skeptic Article about AI

From: Larry (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 11:02:18 MST

He is correct to a degree about the limited knowledge of natural neural
nets. On the otherhand people built fixed wing air craft with an
incomplete knowledge of bird flight.

There is also an absurd argument:

"As a software project grows in size, the probability of failure
increases. The probability of successfully completing a project 25
million times more complex than Windows is effectively zero."

The human written code for an AI is not going to be one line of code
per synapse. Instead your going to code in more general terms, the
human DNA that codes for brain structure is much smaller than microsoft
windows. You don't code every neuron in the visual cortex, you'd code
the general pattern of a visual cortex and learning would take care of
the specifics.

The fact that the author even made such an argument indicates that he
either has no clue, or has a clue and is making statements he knows is
false. Either way it doesn't do much for his credibility.

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> I don't know if it's a repost, I searched google and didn't find any relevant
> discussion about this
> What do you think?
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