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Date: Mon Jan 08 2007 - 00:51:17 MST

Its true. Because of the principle of MEST compression I assume that a
post-singularity society will be a collective (though this is only an
assumption). However I do not assume that some dominant AI will distribute
mass/energy uniformly among conscious entities but rather that the
hypothetical post-singularity collective will allocate all resources
according to some pre-established logic based on maximum efficiency. And
finally - yes information will always be valuable buts its value will be
maximized when it is maximally distributed because post-singularity
economics will necessarily be a non-zero sum game. In other words trade
secrets, patents ect. are economically inefficient outside of the
motivational faculties inherent in the architecture of the primate brain.

On 1/8/07, Joel Pitt <> wrote:
> On 1/8/07, micah glasser <> wrote:
> > There won't be any money post-singularity. This statement is most likely
> > true for a number of reasons. To begin with money exists primarily to
> > facilitate the coordination of human labor and human labor will cease to
> > exist within the context of scarcity economics. Another reason why money
> > will not exist post-singularity is because AI will be the dominant
> species
> > and AI will not be motivated to work for the same reasons as naked apes
> > (read self interest). To illustrate my point consider the borg. I
> realize
> > that its cheezy science fiction but the point is that a species such as
> the
> > borg certainly would not use currency of any kind and for the same
> reasons
> > neither will a post-singularity collective entity use any kind of
> currency.
> > Currency arises out of the consciousness of apes and apes will cease to
> > exist as an economic force.
> You assume that 1) a collective is the only viable post-singularity
> society, and 2) a dominant AI will decide to distribute all
> mass/energy uniformly between conscious entities.
> Thought requires energy, thus the information gained from thought will
> be valuable in any society that is not a collective.
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