Re: the end of fermi's paradox?

From: Elihu Herskovics (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2007 - 16:11:19 MST

On 1/4/07, Philip Goetz <> wrote:
> An ET with a tech equivalent to Earth 200 years from now would
> probably live in a society in which time and energy were both very,
> very valuable relative to their value to us.

It is likely that a way to completely change matter into energy (and vise
versa) will be engineered, and after that point it would definitely be worth
sending many probes, as over time when resources dwindle just the rare
hydrogen molecules floating between the stars (not to mention the solar
wind) are valuable enough to be worth the excursion. Once they're already
out there of course they'd head towards the denser areas, and eventually
arrive at other stars.

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