[NEWS] British paper on AI rights

From: James MacAulay (jmacaulay@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 16:01:49 MST

This is a small government-sponsored paper on the implications of
"robots" demanding rights in the future. Touches on self-improving AI
and other relevant issues:


This is noteworthy because it has hit the mainstream news (though
with a rather watered-down title considering the subject matter):


...and posted on Slashdot today, where I originally saw it:


 From the BBC article:

"The paper which addresses Robo-rights, titled Utopian dream or rise
of the machines? examines the developments in artificial intelligence
and how this may impact on law and politics.

The paper says a "monumental shift" could occur if robots develop to
the point where they can reproduce, improve themselves or develop
artificial intelligence.

The research suggests that at some point in the next 20 to 50 years
robots could be granted rights."


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