Re: Adaptation brings unFriendliness

From: Philip Goetz (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 12:20:16 MST

On 11/26/06, Chris Hibbert <> wrote:
> But, (absent other forces you haven't specified yet) the drive for
> self-preservation is a predictable end-point of a particular selection
> process. Have you ruled out other mechanisms? I don't see where how
> your argument indicates that the only way to reach superintelligence
> also necessarily produces a drive for self preservation. The necessity
> of that drive in creatures produced by Darwinian evolution and selection
> is pretty well established.
> Chris

I don't think that a drive for self-preservation is necessary to reach
superintelligence. I do think that once there are numerous adaptive
superintelligences in existence, those with a drive to expand and
consume more resources will get more resources than, and eventually
supplant, those without it. It may be that the drive will be that of
humans controlling the superintelligences rather than of the
intelligences themselves, but I don't see that makes much difference.

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