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From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 23:02:34 MDT

Welcome to posting, Norman.

I can't speak on behalf of the Institute, but there is a fair bit of info
that they've put out - it's just not all obvious how to access it. Their
current approach seems to be something like: mostly theory, then some
community advocacy, then more theory, then some practical stuff.

Michael Wilson seems to be chief instigator of practical stuff, but sure as
hell don't quote me on that.

Also, from my experience, talking about flying saucers /per se/ won't get
you banned. If it should happen that some UFOs etc are related to
extraterrestrials, that could be relevant to the singularity. However, keep
in mind that this is a scientifically minded community, with some hard-core
sceptics. Therefore, any statements relevant to flying saucers must adhere
to scientific and sceptical concerns.

For instance, if someone makes a comment about the irrelevance of SETI
because any old civilisation "would" do X, it would be reasonable to
introduce competing hypotheses that extraterrestrials may chose to interract
in different ways, eg: via flying saucer observation, and that there may be
reason to believe in a non-zero probability of some UFO experiences
supporting such hypotheses.

I'm not too fussed. I believe that anyone who says they don't believe in
UFOs needs to re-check the definition. I sure as hell don't assign a
significant probability to the hypothesis that UFOs are related to
extraterrestrial activities.

Belief in the ability of teacups and saucers to fly if you suspend them on a
moving airstream, although hardly SL4-relevant, would not likely be an
issue, either.


-- Olie

On 9/25/06, Norman Noman <> wrote:
> Longtime reader, first time poster.
> No credentials.
> I think the singularity institute is doing a good job but I want to know
> more details about their plans.
> I believe in flying saucers, but I realize that if I talk about them I
> will be banned. I have unrelated issues to discuss, so don't ban me yet.
> I declare crocker's rules.

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