New email list for discussing Singularity related issues

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 15:29:33 MDT

Hi all,

AGIRI ( has launched a new email list, intended to
parallel rather than duplicate its existing AGI (

The new list is called the Singularity list
(, and is intended to focus, not on
technical discussions of AGI systems, but rather on the Singularity
and related conceptual and scientific issues.

If you would like to sign up for this list, you may go to the form at

Of course, the dividing line between Singularity issues and AGI issues
is not fully crisp, but there are plain cases that lie on either side,

** examples of AGI-list issues would be: technical discussions of
knowledge representation strategies or learning algorithms

** examples of Singularity-list issues would be: discussions of
Friendly AI which don't pertain to specifics of AGI architectures;
discussions of non-AGI Singularity topics like nanotech or biotech, or
Singularity-relevant sociopolitical issues

There is of course some overlap between this new Singularity list and
existing lists such as SL4, extropy and wta-talk, and forums such as .

However, I believe there is value in having an email discussion list
that focuses specifically on the Singularity, and without a strong
bias toward any particular point of view regarding the Singularity.
(Though, one may expect some statistical bias toward discussions of
AGI and the Singularity, due to the relationship of the Singularity
list with AGIRI.)

Discussion on the new list can be expected to be slow at first as the
subscriber base builds up, but will likely accelerate before too long,
in good Internet style ;-)

Ben Goertzel

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