Re: Conscious of the parts

From: Ricardo Barreira (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2006 - 14:30:15 MDT

> > Prove that ANY intelligence must
> prefer existence to non-existence.

So you're saying that no intelligent being has comitted suicide until
today? Sounds nice to me!

> The only way a AI would not want more control over the universe is if was
> already 100% happy,
Why do you assume an AI must have "happiness"? And, making assumptions
in a similar way to you, I can ask: if the AI is so powerful, why
can't it predict that it will end up 100% happy and decide to just
shutdown for thinking it's all pointless.

I've never seen someone both with such a narrow view of an AI can be
like AND with such difficulty to accept that reality might be
different from that narrow view.

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