Re: The engine of intelligence. (was, Loosemore's Collected Writings on SL4 - Part 6)

From: Michael Anissimov (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 21:05:26 MDT


> Humans, like a car as an example of *a* thing that transports people, are just one
> of many possible implementation of intelligence. If someone wanted to build a
> machine whose purpose would be to have intelligence, what would its "engine", "the
> mechanism for transferring motion", and the "structure that houses all the parts of
> machine" be?

Mainly, sequence prediction:

Coupled with a utility function, perceptual apparatus, and a set of
heuristics for preference ordering.

If you want the intelligence to be capable of self-modification, you
also need a reflective decision theory.


Michael Anissimov
Lifeboat Foundation

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