Re: Conscious of the parts

From: Josť Raeiro (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2006 - 02:23:32 MDT

Tennessee Leeuwenburg wrote:
>>> might not a very powerful AI entity prevent the Singularity from
>>> occurring?
>> A very powerful AI is the very definition of the Singularity.
> Not on my understanding of it. The Singularity implies a continual
> improvement. A very powerful AI might choose not to continually
> improve itself. A very powerful AI might not be beyond our understanding.
Tennessee has a point here. A very powerful AI may continue it's growth
exponentially until certain point, which is beyond our current
capability of understanding, where it concludes that it's best to stop
at some point in the future for some reason we can't understand today,
but will then.

Josť Raeiro

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