Re: list sniping opinions

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2006 - 08:09:45 MDT

My vote is "5".

SL4 is admirably clean and focused. Thanks, snipers. When threads or people
have been sniped I have usually thought "wonderful, I wish that that had
happened sooner," but there must be a balance so that the
shy-but-intelligent feel ready to speak out.

What I really want to see is reasoned intellectual discussion from the
"masters." At the same time, if only for my own sake, I'd prefer that the
list allow serious "students" to pose questions and contribute -- after they
have read a few thousand pages of relevant material, but not necessarily
everything available.

The last discussion has indeed generated more heat than light. I'd
recommend, in addition to the reduction of ad hominem's from all sides, the
application of Rekcorc's law: the use of unnecessarily polite language --
unnecessary for denotative content, but useful for greasing the wheels of


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