Re: Why IQ doesn't matter

From: Larry (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 13:03:19 MDT

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, BillK wrote:

> On 8/25/06, Gordon Worley wrote:
>> I won't specify who on this list has these problems, but many of the
>> smart folks here I've talked with over the years suffer from at least
>> one of the following (so don't take this list as exhaustive or
>> characteristic):
>> * lack of social skills (high-level autistic, Asperger's)
>> * attention disorders (ADHD, etc.)
>> * anxiety disorders (OCD, etc.)
>> * motivation disorders (MDD, etc. (this is still bleeding-edge stuff))
>> * physical disorders
> Some years ago when I was in touch with Mensa circles that was a
> standing joke. The higher your IQ, the crazier you were. The
> organising was done by the people who just scraped in above the 98%
> level. At 99% they couldn't hold a job down, read voraciously, had
> loads of weird beliefs and could discuss stuff that the majority
> hadn't even heard of. The really humongous IQs had men in white coats
> to take them home from meetings. :)
> Sure, it's anecdotal, but it stopped the 'mine is bigger than yours'
> IQ boasting.

This is generally true from what I've seen, and I hit all of the above
to some extent. Luckily in the moderate range and I've learned to
compensate to the point of being productive, but I know people who can run
rings around me intellectually, one who is literally smarter in his dreams
than most exceptional scientists and engineers are awake, but he can't
hold a job or otherwise manage to earn a living.

Someone needs to start a business of helping people who really can't hack
it on there own, sort of like rock band management. If someone can manage
a bunch of drugged up musicians with egos the size of planets, at a
maturity level of kindergarden students and earn millions doing so.
Certainly you can manage a super brilliant inventor whose otherwise
incompetent to manage business and employment affairs. Inventors are
alot easier, give them a lab and shield them from bullshit and they
will happily produce.

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