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From: kevin.osborne (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 08:12:39 MDT


The list seems to boot off kooks in fairly short order, without overly
succumbing to the Boy's Club tendencies such lists can be prone to
(and what I think an 8+ might end up being).

I think it's fairly Singulatarian to expect more openness of access to
the community of thought. I think it's important that ideas are kept
healthy via rigorous (informed) challenge and insightful comment.

I think it's Singulatarian to ask our thought leaders to impart wisdom
with a little more engagement than from the Oracle-on-High. I think
it's Singulatarian to foster a community where curiosity can be
assuaged for all comers even if their enthusiasm outweighs their
intelligence (or ability to trudge through the archives :-), as long
as they remember their manners and are adding forward momentum to the
collective understanding.

Personally I'd love to see less mental-acuity and moral-highground
pissing contests and more ramp-up threads where latercomers'n'lurkers
on the list can be treated to content+tutorial meta-posts that can
provide the less proximate and/or educated with How-To guides on
understanding, say, Cognitive Science, Meta-Thought (Bias
Identification/Bypass), Critical Thinking/Scepticism, AGI-Theory,
Nano-Engineering, Neurochemistry, Quantum Physics, etc.

Essentially all the Math & Science a Post-Human is going to know by
heart, I'd like to start disseminating as much as possible *now*.

Posts with insightful expert comment, links and excerpts, elucidating
examples; so the interested can get a taste of the subject matter
-.enough to whet the appetite without having to read three rows off
the bookshelf. And yes everyone *should* do their reading and mental
calisthenics; but much in the way we should all eat well and do our
physical calisthenics it's just not the human way. Some of you
Jupiter-Heads have a great way of informing us plebs and I hope I
speak for at least the lurkers when I say 'thank you, good sir; may I
please have some more?'.

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