Re: Dark matter (was: What's going on this decade?)

From: Patrick Crenshaw (
Date: Thu Aug 24 2006 - 06:31:08 MDT

Daniel Dennett has said that morality (or ethics or whatever you want
to call it) is discovered in the same sense that algebra was
discovered by humans, but it was there all along. This is also what I
think. It also seems to me that many of the arguments made against an
objective morality could equally well be applied to mathematics

> I doubt if this is really an SL4 topic,
> but try:
> <>

While it may not have the same kind of shock value as some other
topics, it seems to me that it is a topic for all times and all
places. It also would have a pretty clear value for building an AI
that has an anything but perfect sense of empathy with humans.


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