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Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 08:15:52 MDT

At 04:43 AM 8/15/2006, Tomaz wrote:

>Did it occur to you, that maybe some important movers do not talk much
>Not, that nobody would agree with them, but too many could agree.
>I guess, Wright brothers stopped talking much to public some time before
>Kitty Hawk.
>I am not saying, that is the only explanation, but quite a possible one.

The beauty of discontinuities is that they cannot be predicted. Yet it is
the discontinuity that brings about the boldest changes, erupting a
seemingly secure social environment. It is not difficult to recognize
trends in the environment which are drawing the attention of innovators, no
matter if they are on 5th Avenue or in garages. Tracking trends is an art
in itself and is often best accomplished through the basic STEEP+ domains
and then applying systems analysis to determine possible drivers. Another
way to peer into the "going on" of this decade is to actually go into the
environments and talk with people, first hand. This is how I, as an
artist, learned about what was actually going on in science and technology
in the 1990s. I went into the domains I was unfamiliar with and met the
innovators (and prognosticates) and listened to what they were saying. Not
everyone has the time to do this type of thing, so having contacts with
people who do is necessary. This says something for diversity in
relationships, personal or organizational.


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