Re: [Bulk] Re: Maximize the renormalized human utility function!

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2006 - 22:24:52 MDT

At 11:27 PM 8/10/2006 -0700, you wrote:
>>Well, only if you completely ignore the effect of the environment of the
>>individual and all the other consequent effects of that idea.
>What? If I copy the most benevolent person I know, then they will be
>bevolent, no matter the environment.

I don't believe that to be true and there are strong EP reasons to think it
is not.

>Humans are flexible - they
>adjust. Someone won't automatically turn evil just if they're placed
>in a slightly different environment.

Slightly, probably not. Seriously different where they anticipate their
kids will starve in the next season, they are going to turn vicious if not

See my paper "Evolutionary psychology, memes and the origin of war."

Keith Henson

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