Re: What's going on this decade?

From: Philip Goetz (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 10:20:36 MDT

On 8/9/06, Charles D Hixson <> wrote:
> Sorry, but I was speaking of the viewpoint taken by political leaders.
> That doesn't totally mean "traditional military", but it sure has a
> large component of that. We can hope that the next turn of the wheel
> takes place along a different axis, as I don't think we could survive
> too many military standoffs like the last 50 years (well, 40 of the
> last 50 years). If you want a look at that thinking, look at who in the
> US is funding robots. Now look at who in Japan. See the difference?

I suppose you mean that in Japan, toy companies fund robotics, while
in the US, the military does. But I have a friend at iRobot (or
whatever they call themselves after the last merger) who says that
their most interesting (and secret) work is with commercial companies.
 Stuff like the Roomba vacuuming robot.

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