Re: Maximize the renormalized human utility function!

From: Martin Striz (
Date: Fri Aug 11 2006 - 00:53:29 MDT

On 8/11/06, Michael Anissimov <> wrote:
> Tennessee,
> > Well, only if you completely ignore the effect of the environment of the
> > individual and all the other consequent effects of that idea.
> What? If I copy the most benevolent person I know, then they will be
> bevolent, no matter the environment. Humans are flexible - they
> adjust. Someone won't automatically turn evil just if they're placed
> in a slightly different environment.

I bet they would, if, for example, you abused or tortured them,
especially in childhood. They may not be "evil" but they would be so
psychologically damaged that they wouldn't be the most benevolent
person you know anymore. Not even benevolent at all.


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