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Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 17:56:27 MDT

>From: Mary Tobias <>
>Subject: Re: What's going on this decade?
>Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 15:34:54 -0700
>Ben Goertzel wrote:
>>About the supposed lameness of the present decade...
>>Well, the early 2000's is when I first created a truly viable design
>>for an Artificial General Intelligence ;-)
>>Also, among many other things...
>>Estimation of Distribution Algorithms, fusing probability theory and
>>evolutionary programming, became prominent and practical [spurred by
>>Pelikan's PhD thesis]
>>Viable automated NL translation via statistical methods became
>>possible (due to Google...)
>>Real quantum computers have been constructed -- we're up to 12 qubits now
>>Evolutionary quantum computers have been designed and simulated (see
>>some nice papers by Hugo de Garis; and a book by Lee Spector; and I
>>gave a talk on this at a MITRE workshop earlier this year)
>>The use of machine learning methods to discover biomarkers became
>>viable, and very common (based on SNP data, microarray data, etc.)
>>BitTorrent !!!
>>I could go on and on but I won't.... There has been plenty of nice
>>stuff in the 2000's.... Yes, much of it had its roots in the 90's;
>>but much of the stuff you attribute to the 90's had its roots in the
>>80's too...
>>-- Ben
>I think we're looking at something completely different... the 90s were
>given by tremendous intellectual
>vitality, and tremendous amounts of money and energy being invested in
>moving the race dramatically
>The millenium has been marked by tremendous backlash; the explosive growth
>of fundamentalist religion
>especially in the first world nations, a virtual collapse of support for
>science and engineering as the best
>and perhaps only answer to human sustainability

A virtual collapse of support for science and engineering?

That's a little overboard. Just as one example:

Technology is still accelerating, despite the delusions caused by your
liberal mental disorder ;).


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