Re: What's going on this decade?

From: kevin.osborne (
Date: Wed Aug 09 2006 - 03:32:50 MDT

> What's going on this decade?


Note #1: (disclaimer|caveat) Am not saying I'm necessarily a fan of
any of these things, and some were definitely
invented/innovated/instigated earlier, but to me they are all very
much 00+ memes

Note #2: I'm almost certainly going to be repeating myself: see - but then again maybe so is
Monsieur Goetz :-)

- iPod, PSP, Cameraphones, Bluejacking
- Dubai, Shanghai, Mumbai, Novi Moskva
- Plasmas, HDTV, ADSL, WiFi, DVDRW, USB flash drives
- Bird Flu, SARS, Peak Oil, Global Warming (all as Media memes)
- Google, MySpace, YouTube,, Skype, Wikipedia, Flash Mobs
- Hilton, Gay marriage, Schiavo, Barry Bonds, Metrosexuals, Boomer Whinge
- Reality TV (survivor, big brother, idol), Queer Eye, Sopranos, Six Feet Under
- 9/11, Neo-Conservatism, Guantanamo, NSA wiretapping, Homeland Security
- Everquest, Second Life, World of Warcraft (=6,500,000 active subscriptions)
- The Euro, Walmart, Enron et. al, Dubai Ports, Bolivian Re-nationalisation
- RIAA, Creative Commons, EFF, (to repeat) BitTorrent (over 1/3 of all
Net traffic)
- SUVs, Smart Cars, Grounding of the Concorde, Tesla Motors
- x64, Opteron, Cell, Core Duo, Niagara
- Ecstasy, Crystal Meth/Fantasy/GHB, Viagra-as-a-party-drug, Special K/Rohypnol
- Linux on the Desktop, .NET, Vaporware Vista, Mactel
- Medicine - new discoveries in Drug/Gene/Disease research
- Intelligent Design, Evangelical Politics, Islamic Fundamentalism
- Mars Rovers, The LHC, AGI...? :-)

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