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Date: Tue Aug 08 2006 - 20:42:19 MDT

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>> What is the purpose of discussing this concept? Is the idea to better
>> defend against any of the proposed attacks? Is there some way
>> friendly AI
>> could think of every target before we do and direct resources to prevent
>> it? I suggest that unlike the blog, that attack plans here might
>> include
>> plausible preventative countermeasures - else why bother?
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> I think this is an awesome blog post (as usual). I think this kind of
> discussion is becoming increasingly important... war is all around us.
> While I believe it is unlikely war will significantly affect the
> arrival of the Singularity, I also think it's extremely important to
> avoid another Holocaust (or worse) before the Singularity. Radical
> Islam is an incredibly dangerous meme that is undergoing explosive
> growth right now. The extremists are like HIV and Earth is showing the
> early symptoms of AIDS.
> And you know we have no technology capable of countering such a
> powerful virus right now, only a radiation treatment that involves a
> lot of collateral damage.
> But that is all a political digression... such problems would be most
> safely and effectively solved with Friendly AGI. Of course that
> subsumes you don't do much, much worse when you build the AGI (if you
> have a technology capable of solving problems of that magnitude, you
> have a technology capable of causing problems of a much, much greater
> magnitude. Than nuclear war.).
> -hank
This is NOT sl4. I think also this is ridiculously warped and not at all


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