Re: Singularitarian demographics

From: Joel Pitt (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2006 - 19:42:47 MDT

On 8/6/06, Joshua Fox <> wrote:
> I note that the great majority of SL4 members have computer software as
> their primary profession. Why is this?
> This situation seems less than ideal. Though technical work must be done by
> experts, is not diversity of backgrounds valuable in non-specialist
> discussions of any intellectual pursuit as broad as this?

The few singularitans I've gotten to know in more than just an
intellectual capacity are not by any means the typical computer
programmer. They've had a wide diversity of academic and cultural
interests and seem to seek knowledge in any field just for the thrill
of it.

Unusually, I've also discovered a greater percentage of vegans in
singularitarians than the general populace. Perhaps this is
heartening, since we understand that if we expect and are going to
design a superintelligent being to treat us nice (and not eat/exploit
us) then we should consider what we are doing to animals. Which
although comparitively stupid are likely to have some degree of

(Admittedly I've only had a small sample of individuals to draw these
conclusions from so take them with a grain of salt, also don't want to
start a debate on meat eating on list - it was just an observation.
Feel free to email me if you want to discuss).

"Wish not to seem, but to be, the best."
                -- Aeschylus

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