Re: Question: Movies and books about positive AI

From: Joel Pitt (
Date: Sun Aug 06 2006 - 19:05:20 MDT

On 8/7/06, Richard Loosemore <> wrote:
> While I am on the subject, would anyone be interested in giving me their
> thoughts about *positive* examples of fictional AI?
> What I mean is, how many times have SF writers (whether in written or
> movie form) created fictional futures in which the AI was not the villain?
> And within that category, in how many of the cases was the AI portrayed
> as having equal or superior intelligence (instead of turning out to be
> just a glorified calculator that could be outsmarted by outmaneuvering
> its logic circuits)? I am less interested in these.
> The only notable examples I can think of are Iain M. Banks Culture
> books, and Asimov's benign robots (who, if I recall correctly, tend to
> be of the less-than-human-equivalent sort).
> Lem's creations might count, but he is a little surreal.

Orson Scott Card's character Jane ( )
from the Ender's Game series is generally benevolent.

"Wish not to seem, but to be, the best."
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