Re: Imagination Engine?

From: Olie Lamb (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 21:30:00 MDT

On 8/2/06, H C <> wrote:
<Snip! >
> I've never even heard of this company before just now. I don't know how
> technically laughable or not so laughable this approach is to AGI, but they
> are obviously doing something pretty effectively given their customers,
> while at the same time making some pretty extraordinary claims.
> What do you guys think?
> -hank

It sounds like they are aiming this entirely at Narrow-AI
applications, and although they occasionally mention "human level"
intelligence, they don't once use the term "AGI" or general

It sounds like their hype department and their technical department
aren't quite in perfect communication!

As far as certain "narrow" applications go, variants of neural-nets
are certainly fairly effective. Furthermore, I believe that their
patent is primarily directed at "conditions of tweak to generate
useful hypotheses".

As far as actually using this for AGI... um... er...

-- Olie

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