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From: Sampo Syreeni (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 13:32:00 MDT

On 2006-08-01, Mikko Särelä wrote:

>> To have the result that you are envisioning you would need to combine
>> not merely communication, but also effectors and sensorium. This
>> becomes possible, but not inevitable, with a mere increase in
>> communication.
> You are forgetting that the communication bandwidth between the brains
> is large enough so that you can send every single bit of sensory
> information to the 'other brain' if you want to.

Moreover, people's brains already self-organize so that different
sensoria get integrated. There's nothing to suggest this couldn't happen
with information coming from an added, external sense. And of course if
you look at people who've worked or lived together for a long time and
bonded strongly, you'll soon see some tangible cognitive specialization.
There's no reason to suspect people wouldn't have what it takes to
function as parts of a hive mind of sorts, nor is there any reason to
suspect that there couldn't be circumstances (e.g. large engineering
projects where no single person can comprehend the whole of it) where
there's a comparative advantage to doing so.

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