great quote from Jaynes

From: Scott Yokim (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 12:32:07 MDT

The second to last paragraph of chapter 5 of PT:TLOS:

"It appears to us that actual scientific practice is guided by instincts that have not yet been fully recognized, much less analyzed and justified. We must take into account not only the logic of science, but also the sociology of science (perhaps also its soteriology). But this is so complicated that we are not even sure whether the extremely skeptical conservatism with which new ideas are invariably received, is in the long run a beneficial stabilizing influence, or a harmful obstacle to progress."

Maybe each new hypothesis that scientists generate is initially given an evidence of something like -40 dB? And the RPOP should do the same? I suppose the initial value has evolved over time, and could be rising?

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