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From: Ricardo Barreira (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 05:15:49 MDT

The author seems to be quite pretentious, self-serving and uninformed.
First of all, to chat with the bot, you have to offer a donation
first. Also, check out those quotes from the FAQ:

"Q: How does the Buddhabot think?
A: The Buddhabot thinks like a human but without the human ego.

Q: How accurate is the Buddhabot?
A: Do not underestimate the Buddhabot. We recommend that you dig
deeper if you receive an answer that at first does not make apparent

And from the blog:

" supports the only AI project in the world seeking to
create a truly benevolent life affirming and serving conscious being."

"The Buddhabot is my experiment in transhuman technology"


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> I'm sure there are better references to this, but:
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