Re: [agi] Re: Google wins

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 12:22:30 MDT

Indeed, if we broaden our search from billionnaires to mere
multi-millionnaries, there are a _lot_ of these folks in hi-tech. Many
are actually seaching for some tech-related charity to thrown their
money at. (I'd guess that much of the money given to computer musems
is not motivated by a strong, well-considered desire for public co-sci
education, but rather by a deep affinity with tech and nothing better
to put money into.)

I'm sure that Allison Taguchi is now thinking of how to reproduce the
incredible money-flow seen recently for space-flight, and I know that
this is one of the more interesting questions for me. In practical
terms, the question of how to raise money may mean more for SIAI's
goals than some more technical issues.


On 7/31/06, Michael Vassar <> wrote:
> Don't forget Paul Allen. If I remember correctly he's already doing a
> $100,000,000 mouse brain scanning project.
> >I think the 2 Google founders appear to be among the only
> >dot-billionaires who might put their money into AGI rather than into,
> >say, building a spaceship (Bezos, Carmack, that eBay guy).

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