Re: CNN article with Bostrom interview and Kurzweil quotes

From: Joel Pitt (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 15:38:42 MDT

On 7/27/06, R. W. <> wrote:
> Yes. ACCEPTING mortality. I don't expect love or even rationality. In
> fact, I don't expect any response. What good is there in outliving all the
> stars in the universe?

If we accept mortality then we could all just suicide and save
ourselves alot of trouble. Plus save alot of earth's resources for
species that don't have this existential question with living.

> Even if I could create or destroy universes at will, that still would not
> make me G-d.
> Extremely intelligent-- yes. Extremely powerful -- yes. But still not G-d.
> The best answer that I can come up with for justifying infinite
> transcendence is that it would be fun! What other purpose is there once
> you've crossed the boundary of all necessity?

What is the point of life if not fun and survival? One could easily
argue that life is pointless which seems a small step from your

And about God - that is YPOV. If I had the power you speak of then I
don't think some mere mortal human is going to argue that I'm not a

"Wish not to seem, but to be, the best."
                -- Aeschylus

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