Re: CNN article with Bostrom interview and Kurzweil quotes

From: R. W. (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 07:26:59 MDT

Apparantly, we are already benefitting from limited AI. I am am cautious in my promotion of a fully self-conscious strong AI. The necessity of having a being like that amongst us is dubious at best. The probability of this potential becoming a reality increases at least geometrically and most likely exponentially with our increased intellectual capacity and knowledge base. The argument for a strong AI seems very similar to the argument for a nuclear weapon...the first country to have one would have an incredible advantage over others in at least a superficial political sense. Humans are often irrational and this kind of motivation could lead to a strong AI 'arms race'. Sane people would want FAI simply to reduce to existential risk such a being would pose to us; but people often act on emotion and not reason.
  Creating an uncontrollable being who's intelligence is beyond ours to the nth degree is what many are forecasting to be our future reality. We already have a G-d whom we can't understand or control. Why do we need another one? Wouldn't it be better just to build better tools and better methods for developing rational, moral human beings, and accepting mortality?

  I keep returning to the same thought..."Someone will succeed in this endeavor at some point in my lifetime, my children's lifetime or grandchildren's lifetime." Therefore, we must build an invariant mathematical model of friendly behaviour before we build a mind capable of destroying us.
  If we could build such a model of behaviour and methods of instilling this model in humans then what would we really need an FAI for? The answer seems to be that we need insurance against an unfriendly AI.
Olie Lamb <> wrote:
  On 7/26/06, M T wrote:

I noticed their little quick-poll posed the question "Does Artificial
Intelligence pose a greater threat or benefit to humanity?"


I mean, if they'd asked "How real is the threat from AI?" and "How
much benefit is AI likely to bring?" Then we might get some useful

-- Olie

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