CNN - AI set to exceed human brain power

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Date: Tue Jul 25 2006 - 12:04:02 MDT

Nice to see words like "uploading" and "machines to exceed human brain
power" on CNN!

CNN - AI set to exceed human brain
Nick Bostrom <>, Director of the Future of
Humanity Institute <> at the UK's Oxford University,
said that AI-inspired systems were already integral to many everyday
technologies such as internet search engines, bank software for processing
transactions and in medical diagnosis. But Bostrom said that traditional
"top-down" approaches to AI, in which programmers coded machined to cope
with specific situations, were being supplemented by "bottom-up" systems
inspired by enhanced understanding of the neural networks of the brain,
leading to more subtle forms of AI. "The more we discover how the human
brain achieves intelligence the more we'll be able to use the same
computational architecture and logarithms in computers," said Bostrom. "At
the extreme of the bottom up level you would have 'uploading,' which is the
idea of scanning a particular brain in sufficient detail that you can then
replicate its neural machinery." Inventor and science writer Ray
Kurzweil<>believes the development of artificial
superintelligence will herald a
"singularity," in which human cognitive abilities are enhanced by brain
implants. Bostrom is confident that technological advances coupled with a
growing understanding of the workings of the human brain could enable
machines to exceed human brain power within a couple of decades.

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