NPR piece on the Singularity

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 13:42:45 MDT

A minute ago (19:38 GMT on 23 July) I heard an NPR piece on the
Singularity (through their stream), featuring interviews with
Vinge and Doctorow. Very focused on the Singularity message.Couldn't
find anything to fault. They even followed up their mention of the
Borg by pointing out that this is a Hollywood cliche to be contrasted
with serious prediction, just as if they've read Yudkowsky's warnings
on the follies of fiction.

So, following up on my earlier post about whether the Singularity idea
will get a wider audience, it seems that that may be happening.

Hopefully this wil be available on the NPR archives or some of your
local on-air stations.


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