[META] Unconstructive remarks [WAS Re: analytical rigor]

From: Richard Loosemore (rpwl@lightlink.com)
Date: Tue Jun 27 2006 - 11:04:51 MDT

Michael Vassar wrote:
> Shouldn't list-snipers have been on this thread from Loosemore's first
> post?

Excuse me?

That is interesting. I went to a good deal of trouble to think my
thoughts through, articulate them as clearly as I could, and keep them
relevant to the topic you raised, while using it as an opportunity to
bridge to a more general (and directly related) issue that I consider to
be of extreme importance to the way that AGI research is conducted.

If you cannot think of anything constructive to say on a topic, or if
you cannot understand the argument, the honest thing to do is to keep
your peace and resist the temptation to make calculated, gratuitous insults.


Richard Loosemore

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