"The Artilect War" ... Does it get better?

From: Robin Lee Powell (rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org)
Date: Tue Jun 27 2006 - 08:43:05 MDT

So far (chapter 1), The Artilect War has managed to gruesomely,
callously, and drastically mis-represent my views as a
Singularitarion (whach de Garis calls "Cosmists"). Apparently, I
want humanity to create super-intelligences because I just don't
care very much whether humans live or die.

    But to the Cosmists, the survival or not of the human species,
    on an insignificant planet, circling a star that is one of about
    200 billion in our galaxy, in a known universe of a comparable
    number of galaxies (also in the billions), and with probably as
    many universes in the "multiverse" (according to several recent
    cosmological theories) is a matter of miniscule importance.


If he's going to keep going on like that, I'm really not interested.
Is it worth continuing?

-Robin, who gives money to the SIAI *because* he wants humanity to

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