From: Michael Vassar (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2006 - 12:47:43 MDT

What is Schmidhuber talking about when he claims that
"In 1995, a fast vision-based robot car by Dickmanns autonomously drove 1000
miles in traffic at up to 120 mph. "
Does anyone here know more? The explanation here
gives me little understanding of why the first DARPA challenge was such a
failure and the second such a success, nor of why there has been so little
progress in self-driving cars in the last 11 years, nor of why none of the
autonomous car people I knew when I worked at NIST knew about this.

The empirical claim of a halving in the time between benchmarks from
Schmidhuber's paper doesn't ring true to me. the 2^9, 2^8, 2^3, 2^4, and
Now items don't seem comparible to the other items in their scope, and a
large number of vast changes prior to GAI and singularity seems very

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