Re: Two draft papers: AI and existential risk; heuristics and biases

From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2006 - 11:22:13 MDT

On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 09:06:08AM -0500, Bill Hibbard wrote:
> From my first writings about AI I picked RL as my model for how
> brains work in part because it is open ended and there is much
> that I don't know about how brains work. Thus it is unfair for you
> to base your demonstration of failure of my ideas on some
> particular algorithm that I never claimed as adequate for
> intelligence.
> > "Reinforcement learning" gives rise to "intelligence";
> The RL paradigm , with currently unknown algorithms, gives rise to
> intelligence.


Thank you very much, Bill.

You've conclusively proven that your thinking is sloppy, and that
you don't care that your thinking is sloppy (since you are willing
to make absolute claims about things you admit you don't

I thank you, as this saves me from having to read you any more. I
try to give AI people the benefit of the doubt that they might be on
to something for as long as I can; having someone remove themselves
from the pool saves me a bunch of trouble.


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