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Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 18:10:46 MDT

It's clearly silly. Obsoleteness (obsolescence?) is insufficient reason
for killing something. It has no functional advantage. I would accept
being killed by a superior lifeform if it were for some reason such as
competition for resources or suchlike, but this example clearly elevates
being "inferior" to being morally worthless, and deserving of
extermination. I think this list is above debating the morality of daleks.


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> Interesting anecdote about Marcus Hutter from another AI related list.
> J. Andrew Rogers
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>> I think some breakaway from dualism/monism debate can inspire.
>> I was chatting with Marcus Hutter and Calude. Marcus was talking about
>> the common ideal of many AI researchers, that our children
>> will be better than us. An idea that I agree with. You know that
>> feeling of "playing God" that I'm sure everybody here has known.
>> So, I wanted to poke some fun, and I asked
>> - Your robot turns its head and says "You are obsolete" and
>> kills you. Is this acceptable?
>> Marcus answered (AFAICR) "Of course. It's evolution."
>> I gave some thought to it, and I found I didn't quite agree with it.
>> What kind of a creature would kill something just because it is
>> inferior in some aspect?
>> Discuss :)
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